The first interesting presentation of the X-Bus, of which I got me a build number some time ago. Let’s see if the camper version is big enough and has ample storage space, else it will be difficult to travel comfortably.And about the travel, they say with additional battery packs it will be able to go for 600 Km … Will it? I would say 400-450 Km would also be rather OK. Less would be a serious bummer …. We will have to wait until the first real world testdrives.

From their site:

XBUS. A modular concept. Two chassis variants.
Two module-dependent battery compartments. Countless chassis-independent modules. An infinite number of possible uses. Quality guaranteed by up to 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

The XBUS has been developed according to the “Lego principle”. Detached from the chosen chassis variant, you can adapt your XBUS to your usage needs easily and quickly and as often as you like.

You don’t need any special tools, you don’t have to work for NASA, you just need some help sometimes to remove a module and put another one back on.

Feel free for endless Usability…