Day 2


Less driving today and we will be able to stop more often. There are several possible routes, but for now opting on taking a more western one and visit Mont Saint-Michel. I have been there almost 50 years ago, so would be nice to go back.

What did we do and see

Early start, but extremely misty. Now at the ferry which I need to go pass the Seine to visit Mont Saint-Michel and have lunch.

​Mont Saint-Michel

​I have been there almost 50 years ago, did not really change other than the road leading up to it.

​After the ferry we drove through a nice countryside partly darkened by the fog, partly lighted bij the Sun trying hard. It took 2 hours for the weather to clear up, last hour drive was gorgeous. Leaving the highway I saw a glimpse of the Mont being majestic.

​I parked the car at a farm selling Cider and Calvados. Bought a 9 year old Calvados.

​All other people needed to pay big time at the parking. The guy at the farm let me park near his shop.

​I remembered most of it, although visited long, long time ago. As written there is now a road leading up to it. And although nicely done, it is also a pity.

​We even tried going inside, but it was way too busy. Not only for Jibbe, but also for me. There were traffic jams with people going up the stairs. So after 100 meters in ….

​We are now at a very nice camping, talking to several Irish people. So here I am not the only one. Oh, and here the toilets and showers are open. The nice guy from yesterday left after he said he would open the sanitary room, but he did not.

​Tomorrow long drive again to the Pyrenees.

​Weather is still rather fine and sunny, was even 21C. Let’s see tomorrow morning again :-).


​Today I met 3 Irish. First a couple when I checked in, later a very nice person next to me. Already had a pleasant conversation with him. The 3 joined for dinner. It got louder and louder, especially the female part. After my last round with Jibbe they asked me to have a drink with them. Obviously the couple already had too much, but it was still ok. Many (interesting) questions about politics, etc. The 2 guys were completely different and after many subjects the death penalty was discussed. Not good, the couple was very much in favour and I am glad they male part decided in the end to quit and go in his camper. He was furious about us not being in favour. At that time the lady was not really understandable any more. Good night :-).