Day 8, 9 & 10


Although the trip is an important part of my holiday, this is what it is all about. And that is visiting my Portuguese friend which have a holiday home near Arouca.

I have been here many times already and the region is rather special with some spectacular attractions (see to the right) from which I have not seen/done the Arouca Bridge. This is of course also a bit (or too) tricky with Jibbe.

​No Salamanca

​​Late start, had a lovely conversation with a young, again Irish, couple, who quit their jobs to travel. They are traveling with a female dog, which fancied Jibbe.

​So we did not go into Salamanca but just started driving to our main purpose Portugal.

​From Salamanca mostly flat farmland until 30 Km for the Portuguese border, where first hills and later mountains started.

​I opted to not go on tollways. Although one hour longer again spectacular scenery, especially closer to Arouca, my destination.


​The son of my friends welcomed me, the parents had to work. We had a great conversation about the past, but also about traveling. I told him to go as soon as possible, it is always too late. “if you do not go, you will not see it nor experience it”, so go now :-).

​The spot is perfect.

​My friends

​As written, I used to meet them for over 20 years, in Portugal, in the Netherlands, or somewhere in Europe like in Rome. But due to COVID not the last few years. It was like I never left, that is a good sign :-). Tomorrow some near by hotspots.

Day 9

​After a good night rest in real darkness and quietness we went to visit the 515 Arouca longest (some Asian may disagree) hanging bridge in the world. It is 516 meters long en about 175 meters above the river. It was not busy at all. Actually we did not cross, as dogs are not allowed and that is totally understandable. So the pictures from being on the bridge are made by my friends 2 weeks ago.

​The Paiva Walkways you see are equally stunning, I walked those some years ago when I took my then little nephew Joris to Portugal.

​Next time will do the bridge as Jibbe can stay in the house for a few hours anyway, he is very comfortable here.

516 Arouca the History


​Is feeling great

After lunch

​With some nice cod recipe and great vinho verde (very young wine) we went to a small art exhibition 45 minutes away. Fun but not so special though we took a bicycle to visit along the 6 Km course. Down was easy, going op nasty :-(.

​Good night

​My last night already and tomorrow will go in the afternoon to the north of Portugal. Weather might be shitty for the first, it is raining now big time.

Day 10

​Going to the north of Portugal, it is raining and most probably will for the complete day. Will update this evening again.