Day 1


The first day will be one of the longest drives, from Friesland (in the North of the Netherlands) to a camping near Rouen in France.

We will be staying rather close to the Seine river.

Although I have been traveling now several times with my dog, it is still interesting to see how he will behave. It is not that we go to a grocery store and back home :-).

As it is Autumn now, weather can be tricky, even in France and especially in north of Spain and north of Portugal. But for now it seems to be ok. The first day looks good, night sleep will be chilly, my bus has no isolation, only Jibbe :-).

What did we do and see

Arrived. The day started cold and rather misty, all of the Netherlands were covered with a grey blanket. In Belgium it cleared, so in the traffic jam in Antwerpen it was fun :-(. It was rather busy from the Dutch border until the French one. Not only traffic was better in France, also the roads.

​I took a few tollways, to drive faster, as I wanted to have more daylight. Expensive daylight that is, for one hour earlier arriving, close to 20 euro payment to do.

​When I arrived at a reserved camping, the owner told me it was closed. In the next sentence he reopened the camping just for me, nice :-). And guess what, we have the best spot in the house. It is only 10 meters from the Seine river, not bad, not bad at all.

​Today was one of the longer drives, tomorrow much to see!

​Evening stroll

​Nice castle on the hill and some other typical ones including the old school.